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  •  I am a multi-media artist and  curator/publisher at  (HAF).  I have been busy in the studio with several installation projects which include working in the unsustainable material, plastics.  For the past three years, HAF has focused on international artists who are transforming the environmental hazard into works of art, with the hope of bringing awareness to our society of the damages this medium causes. 
  • Ron Shelton, USA
    curator/publisher at High Art Fridays (HAF)
    owner/designer at REShats
    The Ohio State University
    B.A. Cinematography
  • 2019 - Art House - Urban Bright art residency, Cleveland Ohio
  • 2019 - Firefish Festival '19 -site installation, Lorain
    2019 - Rooms To Let '19, Cleveland Ohio (Slavic Village)
    2018 - Firefish Festival '18 - site installation, Lorain Ohio
    2018 - CAN Triennial - site installation, Cleveland Ohio
    2018 - Rooms To Let '18, Cleveland Ohio (Slavic Village)
    2018 - Lakewood Light-in-Sight, Lakewood Ohio
    2018 - SPACES gallery 8 x 8 x 8, Cleveland Ohio
    2018 - Cleveland Museum of Art. Mix: Spectacle, Cleveland Ohio.
    2017 - 10dence gallery in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
    2017 - Generosity as a Currency, Auvelais, Belgium
    2017 - Gaac in Wageningen, Holland, The Netherlands
    2016 - Poligious Issues at de Kroon in Schiedam, the Netherlands
    2016 - Poligious Issues at EAT, Antwerp, Belgium
    2016 - San Francisco International Arts Festival: 2016: the 100-year  celebration of DADA Global Arts Project (GAP) artists group show
    2015 - Global Arts Project (GAP), Lecce Italy
    2015 - Cleveland Museum of Art. CMA art bites 2-day tour: "men in hats".
    2013 - Cleveland Fashion Week Duct Tape Competition. 2nd place Best Design cash prize.
    2011 - Cleveland Playhouse "FusionFest" Men in Hats Performance
  • 2019 - BBC News  "our plastic world" featured In Pictures: plastic
    2019 - CAN journal Spring 2019 "high art, plastic, and hats" by jimi izrael
    2017 - SIL Leadership Academy - certificate of completion
    2015 - Global Arts Project (GAP) Artist Residency, Lecce Italy
    2013, 2015, 2018 - OAC artists with disabilities award grant
    2013 - Cleveland FashionWeek 2nd Place Duct Tape Wearable Art
    2011 - RES baby Nudu hat on FOX "Bones" 2 episodes (baby Michael)
    2001 - City Council, City of Columbus Ohio Resolution of Expression 
  • featured image: "plastic air cylinder IV" (YELLOW)  5ft x 23in diameter, plastic, wire



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