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 I am a multi-media artist and  curator/publisher at  (HAF).  I have been busy in the studio with several installation projects which include working in the unsustainable material, plastics.  For the past three years, HAF has focused on international artists who are transforming the environmental hazard into works of art, with the hope of bringing awareness to our society of the damages this medium causes. 

featured image: "plastic air cylinder IV" (YELLOW)  5ft x 23in diameter, plastic, wire



My Passions

  Right now, I would have to say my passion is art.  Whether it be the art of creating a plastic-collage sculpture or the art of cooking a fine meal.  I try to stay connected to the call of the earth, and now it is streaming!  The plastic problem is only a symptom of a larger problem of the west: hyper-consumerism.  Artist all around the globe is addressing this new-age phenomenon in their work. is letting the world know what these artists are saying.  

featured image: "plastic air cylinder I" 3ft x 23in diameter, plastic, wire

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